16 Things to Hate about being “the Millennial” in a “Non-Millennial” Office

I am in my twenties and therefore a millennial. Personally, I have a deep distaste for the term as it’s often used to indicate an apparent and clear divide between Julie who can’t turn the coffee machine on and ZaZa who grew up drinking filtered coffee through advanced IV drips.


Being stuffed kicking and screaming into the millennial box means you will be expected to have certain natural and innate abilities. In office environments where the age divide can sometimes seem more telling, us ‘millennials’ are often the ‘go-to’ on a range of fantastical and riveting tasks – most of which could be solved by a simple Google (that’s high on the below list) or hiring, I don’t know, someone who does work in IT.  


So here is a quick list of 16 things to hate about being ‘the millennial’ in an office of non millennials. Feel free to add your own – I doubt just 16 will cover the range of activities but it’s appropriately the starting ‘age’ for a millennial in 2017.


  1. When you want to tell people to google it because that’s literally how you figured it out


Would you look at that. It’s the top result.



  1. Explaining how to use basic Microsoft office

The art of turning a document into a PDF will always be in hot demand. And don’t get me started on powerpoint templates.




  1. Figuring out how to print in different paper sizes

It’s defcon 4 when Sandra attempts to go A5.



  1. Being the IT support when you don’t work in IT

No Keith I can’t seem to fix your broken USB port.




  1. Listening to people explain SEO like they know what it is

Indexing is just a wonderful process. Gotta catch those SEOs.




  1. Hearing the excuse that “you can do it faster”

Of course Harold I will drop everything I need to do because you have misplaced your saved proposal slide.




  1. Explaining how to hashtag

#Sothisiswhattheyoungkidstweet #imaboss #hashtag


  1. Then being asked “why is it not trending” fifteen times that day

What’s not trending Timothy? Your posts about the company’s poorly attended lunch and learn?




  1. Using words such as amazeballs or totes because they think that’s how we speak

Just no. You are over 30 sit down Linda and finish your custard cream.




  1. Hearing the words “digital strategy” 

My God you really don’t know what a browser is?




  1. Having to understand how any app works

Christ Jim, your e-harmony profile is down? Looks like no netflix and chill for you tonight.



  1. Being able to locate and recover any file across the company

What do you mean you last saved it on your dashboard Michael? It’s a desktop.



  1. Having to take any call or meeting about software or automation updates

Because more than one vendor to compare can be taxing.



  1. Being required to supply charging cables or the like everyday

How do you charge your tech at home Daphne?




  1. Being the expert on connecting any laptop to your office screens

Because when Rita sees ‘source input’ – she’s crying in the toilet later.





  1. When someone around your age enters the office and everyone expects you to take the lead

Oh sure, we’ll definitely have the same likes, dislikes, dreams and ambitions. I fully expect us to be braiding each others hair by the end of this meeting.