Date: Tuesday 19th September 2017 | Time: 9am – 7pm | Location etc venues, 155 Bishopsgate Liverpool St. London EC2M 3YD

What is FinTech Growth Forum?

Innovate Finance is hosting the inaugural FinTech Growth Forum to support our members on their scaling journeys. Whether you are a startup looking for funding or a high-momentum company considering an exit, join us to access media, discuss capital and hear war stories from the global entrepreneurial community. The Forum will also provide dedicated opportunities for investors and institutions to fast track their FinTech engagement.

Who should attend?

Bringing the right people together to connect is an important part of the Growth Forum. We therefore want to provide real engagement and learning opportunities for all attendees.

The FinTech Growth Forum is open to:

  • All Innovate Finance Members
  • FinTech Investors
  • FinTech ecosystem participants  – on 19 July a limited number of tickets will be released for those wishing to attend.


Knowledge and Insight

Sourcing Capital

Media Advice

Securing Partnerships



Across three stages the FinTech Growth Forum will focus on three key areas of importance for entrepreneurs – Growth, Capital and Culture.



Scaling a business from a small startup to a growing company means change. Budding partnerships with larger organisations such as traditional banks or large IT firms require new management styles and methods.

Expansion into new regions or customer groups can signal a pivot in business models. And in the world of FinTech, scaling up could mean new attention from the regulator. What successful strategies are needed to manage this growth?


Starting and scaling a business requires ambition, drive, but most of all it requires capital. From traditional lenders to crowdfunding, angel investors and venture capital – what is the smartest way to raise growth capital today?

Where is profitability emerging in FinTech and how is the bottom line affecting relationships with investors? What are some of the common pitfalls on the way to a successful exit?


Creating a robust company culture – when you are trying to build market share and gain traction – may seem like a distraction. But the inability to scale proper company culture has been at the core of many startup failures.

How do you hire the best talent? How can you maintain core values as staffing levels grow overnight? What is the best way to gain value from marketing and proper media relations?

How to Get Involved

Become a Speaker

Are you passionate about business success and want to share your expertise and insight to the FinTech leaders of tomorrow? Take to the FinTech Growth Forum stage and inquire about speaking opportunities today.

Become an Exhibitor

Interested in showcasing your business to investors, like-minded peers and industry experts? FinTech Growth Forum will have limited exhibitor slots for members. Secure the knowledge and connections to take you to the next level.

Tell us your story

Do you have an interesting story to tell about your experience starting or scaling a business? Or know of a great success story, innovation champion or case study? Share it with the FinTech community and submit today.



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