Early Metrics

Category: Startup

Vertical: Data and Analytics; Insurance

Website: www.earlymetrics.com


Rating agency for start-ups and innovative SMEs assessing their financial and non-financial metrics.

Early Metrics is the first rating agency for start-ups and innovative SMEs. We assess the potential of growth of early stage ventures. Unlike traditional due diligence analysis, our ratings includes non-financial metrics along side financial ones. Our rating model was developed by a scientific committee headed by the founder of Barclays Private Equity Gonzagues de Blignières, and the former IPO manager of Euronext, Jean Michel Pailhon. Ratings are free for the entrepreneurs and we work on behalf of private and institutional investors as well as corporates. We serve as a risk management tool in their engagement with young ventures by bringing rationale in their decision-making process. Headquartered in London and Paris, we operate throughout Europe and Israel, and serve over 100 clients with close to 700 rated start-ups to date.