Encompass Corporation UK Limited

Category: Startup

Vertical: Banking; Enterprise Software

Website: www.encompasscorporation.com


Encompass Corporation creates innovative software for visual analytics of entity data. Our cloud applications are designed for financial and professional services, specifically: banking; asset-based lenders and invoice finance; restructuring and insolvency; legal services. These applications connect automatically to trusted sources of information including country registers, commercial providers. and credit bureaus.

Starting from a familiar search interface, professionals quickly find and investigate facts about entities including companies, partnerships, individuals, about how these interrelate, about the properties they own, and about their financial instruments including investments and loans. By using these applications, professionals bring transparency to complex corporate structures – including intermediate parent, domestic ultimate parent, global ultimate parent – so they understand which individuals are ultimate beneficial owners and about their involvement as directors, as company secretaries, and as shareholders. Combining the power of visual analytics with human-led discovery rapidly accelerates business professionals’ understanding of complex information so they make better, faster commercial decisions.

Encompass was founded in 2011 in Sydney by Wayne Johnson and Roger Carson. In 2015 the company embarked on a journey of international growth by establishing offices in Glasgow and London.