Category: Startup

Vertical: Data and Analytics; Enterprise Software

Website: www.leanxcale.com


We provide a suite of products for ultra-scalable data management:

– Ultra-scalable full ACID full SQL database (like Oracle DB but scaling to 100s of nodes, same interface, JDBC driver, same semantics, fully transparent to applications). Based on a patented disruptive innovation that enables to scale transactions to 100s of nodes.

– OLTP+OLAP functionality. We provide an OLAP engine that works over the operational data, so heavy analytical queries work over operational data and provide real-time big data.

– Full ACID versions of NoSQL data stores: HBase, MongoDB, Neo4J.

– Global transactions across SQL and NoSQL (HBase, MongoDB, Neo4J) data stores.

– SQL queries across SQL and NoSQL data stores enabling to combine the native query languages/APIs in subqueries with the ease of SQL to query across the resulting result sets exhibited as SQL temporary tables.

– Integration with Storm to enable to execute arbitrary SQL statements (both read and write queries) for each Storm event to correlate events with stored data and to update stored data.