PaymentComponents Ltd

Category: Startup

Vertical: Digital Currency / Blockchain; Enterprise Software; Payments



PaymentComponents, is a rapidly growing technology company, with offices in London & Athens and clients across 5 continents, continuously innovating for the Financial Services sector. We are a unique amalgam, bonding deep Financial Services understanding, expertise in developing mission critical Financial systems and the latest trends in FinTech innovation for Banks, Corporates and FinTechs.

Our solutions include Cash & Treasury Management for corporates, Payment HUBs for banks and SWIFT / SEPA software libraries, effectively providing a “360 degrees” coverage of financial institutions’ needs on payments.

Our latest product aplonAPI – “a PSD2 API Framework” – provides an agile & complete, PSD2 compliant, solution, empowering Financial Institutions to actively participate in the FinTech (R)evolution.

We are trusted by hundreds of financial institutions & technology providers worldwide, including JPMorgan, Citigroup, Pictet, Credit Suisse, Computer Associates, Cognizant etc.