How Corporate Burnout Is Fuelling The FinTech Economy

By Alex Bailey, Makers Academy

As London’s first coding school, we see a lot of corporate refugees passing through our doors. “Escaping the city” appears to be a growing priority for much of London’s top talent, and we are only too happy to help smart individuals retrain in order to fuel the growing digital economy.

Producing a steady stream of tech talent puts us in an increasingly relevant position when it comes to meeting the needs of the FinTech sector. For those that have fled the financial services industry and retrained as developers, getting a job in Fintech seems like a natural next step. And with a growing number of Fintech companies in our hiring partner network, we find we are uniquely poised to consult on how to attract and select the best developers.=

We class the majority of the engineers we train as career-changers. The average age is 28, with most of our people having been to university and spent the first few years in a successful career in industries like banking or law. When they re-enter the working world as a software engineer, they’re not simply juniors of their new profession, but multi-skilled knowledge ambassadors with a finely tuned ear.

Justin Butwell, a Makers alumni who worked in the finance industry for 12 years, chose to retrain at Makers because of a passion for improving the way excel was run at his organisation. He went directly from finishing the course to securing a job a a junior developer at Worldflow:

“I found it incredibly rewarding to utilise my initiative, creativity and knowledge to create something that was a benefit to others.”

The value of having one of our reinvented Makers on the team is clearly worth much more than a standard junior developer. In advance of the FinTech Growth Forum next week, we share some of the experiences expressed by some of our hiring partners in FinTech:

“You could have just taught people to write algorithms but that would have not encouraged them to be functional, professional developers. You keep them out of their comfort zone for so long they’ve forgotten what it feels like to be in it.”

Jonathan Lister, CTO at Pensionbee

“A pipeline of smart people is more important than hiring for specific roles. We hire for culture fit and adaptability.”

Mike Nuttall, CTO of LendInvest

We supply our developers to the likes of Starling Bank, CapCo, Wonga and Worldflow, to name but a few. Going forward we are excited to see just how much of an impact our people can have on the Fintech industry.